Thursday, May 15, 2008

Psalms of David

For my quiet time, I have been reading a One year Psalms devotional. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes David gets really upset with God. He will lament and wonder how long God will "forget him". He always comes back though, and says that he will still praise God. This can be hard to do, especially when it seems that there is no end to our present problems. It is OK to ask God why things are going wrong in our life, but we still need to praise Him. This is an important lesson that our family is learning right now. My mom says that it is good for us kids to learn this when we are young, instead of when we are grown up.

I am now knitting with 4 knitting needles. I am hoping to knit my first pair of socks. Hopefully they will turn out OK! :) The other pictures are from our homeschool Olympic Day. Joshua (14), Caleb(13), Emily(8), Olivia(7), and myself all competed in different races. This was my last year to be able to do it :(. We all had a good time.

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!