Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello again!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Our family went up to see my grandmother who lives in a nursing home. We had a great time visiting with her and my mom's sister and her family. All of us kids ( except my youngest brother) play the piano, so we brought some music to play for the residents at the nursing home. While we were there, one of the residents came into the main room with her violin and stared to play some Christmas carols. It was so pretty! I went up to her and complimented her on her violin playing and told her that I play the piano. She asked if I would play some Christmas carols and she follow along on the violin. So I got out a piano book of some easy-to-play Christmas carols and we played a few together. It was so neat to play with her! The Lord truly blessed me that day.

Please pray for my sister, Bethany. She is going to get her wisdom teeth out on the 30th. If you would leave a comment on her blog, she would really appreciate it! Her blog is Polished Cornerstone. There is a link to it on my list of links.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, December 22, 2008

December Birthdays and more

I just want to say Happy Birthday to my dear mom and my younger brother, Caleb.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I am so glad that God has blessed me with the best mom in the world! You are so selfless, hardworking, and loving. All the things you do and the things you give up for your children's sake inspires me. I hope that I can be as good of a mom to my kids as you are to all of us. I pray that God will continue to streangthen you and to bless you with the desire of your heart. I love you!

Happy Birthday Caleb! I am glad that God has blessed our family with such a fun-loving, sensitive brother. You always know how to make us laugh. I pray that God blesses you and continues to make you strong in Him. I love you!

Can anyone believe that Christmas is just 3 days away?! Time is just flying by! We baked some Christmas goodies last week. We made sugar cookies, peanut clusters, toffee, chocolate covered pretzels, and I made my very first cake from scratch! It was an Orange Marmalade cake, and it was pretty good!
Everyone have a very, Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am still here!

I'm sure lots of my readers are probably wondering if I have fallen off the face of the earth. :) Lo and behold, I am still here! Lots has been going on in our family lately. We just moved to a new town and are still trying to find our way around!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas. In our family devotions the other night, we were reading about Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was just a teenager whne the angel of the Lord came to her telling her she would bear the Son of God, but the way she responded is just incredible to me. She must have been wise beyond her years to say " Let it happen as you say." Back in her time, she could have been stoned to death over this! Yet she surrendered herself to God's will and treasured all these things. I just think that she can be such an example to us of submitting to God's will.

Have a great week!

P.S. Caleb dressed Samuel up the other day and we had to get some pictures! We called him "Little Elf Boy." Isn't he adorable?!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My first sock

Here is a picture of my first sock. It was quite complicated. I got the yarn at this really neat yarn shop called L & B Yarn Co. They have all different kinds of yarn. It's really neat to see! Hopefully I will be able to get the other sock finished! :) If you like to knit, crochet, or do any kind of crafting, let me know!

This is a picture of some baby Mockingbirds we had in a tree in our front yard. Aren't they sweet? :)

We recently got my dog, Jack, groomed. The groomer left these little puffs around his ankles, which we thought made him look utterly ridiculous! I snapped this picture before we had them cut off.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I am sorry I have not posted in such a long time!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I hope everyone has a great day today! We are going to go swimming this afternoon with some friends of ours and then possibly go see the fireworks. Yesterday we went to the movie theater and saw the new Disney & Pixar movie Wall E. It was really cute!

I finished one of my socks! I will have to post a picture of it later. It was truly the most complicated thing I had ever knitted. I am now working on the other sock.

A new acquaintance named Hannah commented on my last post about my favorite movies. Another movie that we really like that is not on the list is The Sound of Music. We also recently purchased a documentry about George W. Bush called George W. Bush: Faith in the White House, which I can't wait to see!

Well, I better go. Have a very happy Independence Day!


P.S. A message for Hannah: Do you have a blog? If so, could you post the link on a comment? I would like to visit!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Psalms of David

For my quiet time, I have been reading a One year Psalms devotional. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes David gets really upset with God. He will lament and wonder how long God will "forget him". He always comes back though, and says that he will still praise God. This can be hard to do, especially when it seems that there is no end to our present problems. It is OK to ask God why things are going wrong in our life, but we still need to praise Him. This is an important lesson that our family is learning right now. My mom says that it is good for us kids to learn this when we are young, instead of when we are grown up.

I am now knitting with 4 knitting needles. I am hoping to knit my first pair of socks. Hopefully they will turn out OK! :) The other pictures are from our homeschool Olympic Day. Joshua (14), Caleb(13), Emily(8), Olivia(7), and myself all competed in different races. This was my last year to be able to do it :(. We all had a good time.

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Salad at a great price

On Friday I was using a slicer to slice up some carrots for a salad. It was one of those slicers that works like a cheese grater, but you can change out the blades to grate, slice, etc. Anyway, as I was slicing, my hand slipped. I cut the tip of my right thumb. Boy, did it hurt! I had to wear butterfly band-aids on it until today. It is still a little tender, and it is quite inconvenient not being able to use my thumb! :)

So here is a tip for salad makers: Be very, very careful with slicers!!!!!! :)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jane Austen Personality Quiz

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

I love Jane Austen movies. I took this personality quiz and found out that I am most like Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. I really like that movie. I also like BBC's Pride and Prejudice and the new Emma. Try this quiz and let me know who you are!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today we went to Wal- Mart and purchased a trampoline. We used to have one but we sold it a long time ago. Joshua (14) and Caleb (13) spent the afternoon setting it up. The trampoline part was not that hard to set up, the cage we bought to go with it was the hard part. The younger ones were very anxious to get on the 'jumpaline' as Jacob(5) and Samuel(2) call it! They had a great time playing on it when it was done. Samuel was a little intimidated at first, and only wanted to jump when everyone else was still. He would say "It's my turn." when he wanted to jump. He was sooooo cute! I will post some pictures of them on the trampoline later.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have been tagged by Courtney Lambert at One of the Bunch, and my sister Bethany at Polished Cornerstone

Here are the rules of the game

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by listing their names as well as the link to their blogs
  4. Let them know the have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Here are the 7 facts about myself

  1. I am 5 feet and 4 inches tall
  2. I have been bit by a horse before
  3. I nearly broke my toe dancing
  4. I like broccoli
  5. I had braces for 4 years
  6. I was an extremely naughty child before I turned 4
  7. I love to quote Mrs. Bennett from the movie Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version)

I hope everyone likes the facts about myself! There are several other facts I could have listed, but I don't want to completely humiliate myself!:)


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today Mom, Bethany and I went to get my permit and Bethany's liscence. We drove up to the place to get the driving tests done. First I needed to fill out some paperwork, then I took a vision test. I also had to get my picture taken, scan my finger prints into the computer, and scan my autograph into the computer. Then I took the permit test. I was literally shaking while I took the test, but I passed! WHEW!

The other picture is when we went to the Children's Muesum in Seminole. They have all kind of different setups like a Doctor's office, a grocery store, and lots more. This picture was taken in the Courtroom. Do I look innocent? :)


Monday, February 18, 2008

Reading Test

In order to get my Driving Permit, I had to take a reading proficiency test. So this morning Mom and I went to a highschool to get it done. I was quite nervous before leaving. When we got there the principal got me setup to take the test. I had a booklet with the questions and a sheet to answer the questions with. Half the questions were vocabulary questions and the other half was reading comprehension. It took awile to finish the test, as there were about 80 questions total. After I finished the principal checked it and................................................... I PASSED! Whew! :)

I plan on getting my permit on the 26th. That's when I'll be 16. In Oklahoma, you don't have to take a Driver's Ed course to get your permit if you wait till you're 16. Then after you have had your permit at least 6 months you can get your liscence. I don't think I'll be ready that soon, though!:)


Monday, February 11, 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet...

Today I was playing with Samuel and I dressed him up as a super hero. We call him 'Super Sam'. He ran about the house in the costume with me running behind him holding up his cape (So he wouldn't trip). He is just the cutest little boy.(one of the cutest, My 4yr old brother Jacob is the cutest too:)

The other picture is when my 13yr old brother, Caleb, dressed him up another time.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blue's Clues

For those of you who have little siblings who really get into a television show, I would like to tell you about my little brother. My 2 yr old brother, Samuel, is right now obsessed with a little kid TV show called Blue's Clues. He goes about the house with a notebook, singing songs from the show and dancing. It is sooooo cute to watch! This is a picture of him with his notebook.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Knit, Knit, Knit

I have started a new knitting project. It will be a shawl when I get it finished. I just had some leftover skeins from other projects, so I decided to use those. I found the pattern on the internet and it is really simple. Here is the link to the pattern:

Let me know what you think of it so far!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Olivia's Birthday

Just to let you know, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. We have been sick with the flu. YUCK! We usually get the flu shot, but forgot this year. We will never forget it again.

Today was my sister Olivia's 7th birthday. She had a very nice day of playing with her new baby doll and other toys. We had stromboli and salad with cake and icecream for dessert.
I love you Olivia, Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Dog

These are some pictures of my dog, Jack. He is a 1yr old toy poodle. He is very sweet, but annoying sometimes. :) One thing that he does that I have never seen a dog do is that he will wrap his paws around you! He will sometimes try to grab my foot and chew on it as I am walking! I love him all the same.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jane Austen Poll

Vote for your favorite Jane Austen Movie (If you haven't seen the movies, but read the books, vote for your favorite)! My favorite is probably Pride and Prejudice. If your favorite is not on the poll, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite is.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hello! This is my first post on my new blog. I will be sharing recipes, daily life happenings, and some of my knitting projects. I also have a very silly dog and adorable little brothers and sisters that I will share stories about too. :)