Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!

OK, I have decided to take up blogging again. Hopefully I haven't lost all my readers! :)

Let me give some family updates. First, we have moved to a beautiful new home situated on one acre in a lovely neighborhood. It is so nice because you feel like that you are out in the country (and what I mean by that is no traffic, lots of space, and quietness), but still very close to stores and all the conveniences of city life.
In May, we went to our homeschool convention. It was really good this year! Steve Demme, author of Math-U-See (which I highly recommend, especially for highschool math), was the keynote speaker. His talks were sooooo good! We got to meet him when he wasn't speaking and he was really nice!
Also, my older sister, Bethany, is graduating from highschool this year! I am very happy for her! How time flys! The picture of her above is her senior picture.

Have a great summer!


The Cole Family said...
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The Cole Family said...

I have two awards for you sis! Go to my blog to see!