Monday, February 11, 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet...

Today I was playing with Samuel and I dressed him up as a super hero. We call him 'Super Sam'. He ran about the house in the costume with me running behind him holding up his cape (So he wouldn't trip). He is just the cutest little boy.(one of the cutest, My 4yr old brother Jacob is the cutest too:)

The other picture is when my 13yr old brother, Caleb, dressed him up another time.



The Morris Family said...

Hello Katherine,
How have you been doing? It's been awhile since I've talked to you!
Samuel sounds so cute, little brothers are so much fun! :)

Anna Morris

Maiden Of Virtue said...

Hi Katherine!

My little brothers like to do the same thing! I am the oldest of nine, and found your blog a few days ago. I added you to my blogroll at One Of The Bunch.

Have a great day!