Monday, February 18, 2008

Reading Test

In order to get my Driving Permit, I had to take a reading proficiency test. So this morning Mom and I went to a highschool to get it done. I was quite nervous before leaving. When we got there the principal got me setup to take the test. I had a booklet with the questions and a sheet to answer the questions with. Half the questions were vocabulary questions and the other half was reading comprehension. It took awile to finish the test, as there were about 80 questions total. After I finished the principal checked it and................................................... I PASSED! Whew! :)

I plan on getting my permit on the 26th. That's when I'll be 16. In Oklahoma, you don't have to take a Driver's Ed course to get your permit if you wait till you're 16. Then after you have had your permit at least 6 months you can get your liscence. I don't think I'll be ready that soon, though!:)



Katie Marie said...

Congrats on passing, Katherine! :D Are you excited about getting your permit?

Chloe said...

Congratulation's Katherine! That's exciting! :-)

~Chloe~ (D'Ann B.'s niece)

Maiden Of Virtue said...

That's great! You can get the permint here when you are 15, but I am just now working on it now at 16! Good luck and God bless!