Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today we went to Wal- Mart and purchased a trampoline. We used to have one but we sold it a long time ago. Joshua (14) and Caleb (13) spent the afternoon setting it up. The trampoline part was not that hard to set up, the cage we bought to go with it was the hard part. The younger ones were very anxious to get on the 'jumpaline' as Jacob(5) and Samuel(2) call it! They had a great time playing on it when it was done. Samuel was a little intimidated at first, and only wanted to jump when everyone else was still. He would say "It's my turn." when he wanted to jump. He was sooooo cute! I will post some pictures of them on the trampoline later.


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The Morris Family said...

How exciting! A "jumpaline"...that is so cute!
Our younger ones have SO much fun on ours--and sometimes the big guys too :D
Thankfully we've not had any major injuries on it in the many years we've had it!
Have fun :)

Anna Morris