Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Latest Projects and Happenings

Ever since the summer, I have been working on crocheting a Christmas afghan. I just finished it a couple of weeks ago. I have found that Granny Squares are quite easy to crochet. This was my biggest project ever, and I can't wait to have it out this Christmas season! Now, I am working on a scarf for Mom's birthday.

Today we went bowling, for the bowling alley in our town was offering a discount for homeschoolers. It was alot of fun! All the kids had a great time! This was Samuel's first time to bowl, and he had a great time. He loves to watch the Curious George show on PBS kids, and in one episode The Man with the Yellow Hat takes him bowling. So you can imagine how excited Sam was to go bowling like Curious George!

Now, I am going to watch Pride and Prejudice with Bethany and Mom!


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